Here is the beginning of the Seamless Cloud team’s blog. We are a small group of engineers trying to build the tool that will accelerate getting value from code. We believe that people who create useful software should be able to deploy it to the cloud and get it working with much less effort than it is the case nowadays. We believe that putting your code into real work should be seamless.

Why would you want to subscribe?

  1. We’re going to create posts with technical researches in the fields of deploy speed, infrastructure reliability, user experience.
  2. We’re going to publish long-reads where we complain about things that are annoying for software engineers, and (hopefully) suggesting solutions to fix problems described.
  3. We’re going to write about our experience building the product.

We want to document our journey and share our experience with the community. There’s going to be a little bit of promotion of our tool, just being honest here. We promise it won’t be annoying.

So, here we go.

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